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😍BOX BRAIDS TIPS | Hair Braiding Gold Coast

👧🏾Box Braids Tips

Getting African braids for the first time was like getting my first ice cream after a dentist appointment. First I was nervous and then I was excited. I headed out to get African box braids in Chermside, but after a lot of searches, I realised I needed to head out to another area to get my hair braided, I was looking for a more affordable hair braiding salon. That how I found braid salon when I was down in Sydney. All I did was a search for box braids near me and boom!!. It was first of all fascinating to get hair braiding with extensions. I wondered what colour extensions I should use for my braids and then viola!! GREY.

My point being, when you love it, you have to take care of them. I appreciated my braids more and now it is easier for me because Braid Salon is now doing hair braiding in Brisbane and I won’t have to wait to travel to have my hair braided. Yes there are many African hair salons in Brisbane but I am stuck to this one.


Now to the Tips you have been waiting for :

You have to …
🤩Enjoy your braids – style them, curl them, you’ll be having them in for a while to make the most of them
🙆🏾‍♀️Don’t pull on your braids too hard – try not to do your styles too tight or else it could pull on your scalp and maybe result in hair loss.😓
🤗 Make sure your edges don’t get braided too tight – you don’t need to be losing them edges boo boo 👧🏾
💆🏾‍♀️Sleep with a satin headscarf, or use a satin pillow – it’ll stop your braids from becoming frizzy.


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