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GROW YOUR HAIR FAST – learn how to!

Interested in learning how to grow your hair fast?

👧🏾Have you had a bad haircut or regret cutting your hair shorter?

Method  (Will grow your have 1-2 inches a month, possibly more depending on your body)

make a cocktail 🍸🍹of :

🎃PUMPKIN OIL (this is your based oil so you need more of this)

🌞PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL ( this oil is extremely concentrated so you will need less of this)

Store leftovers for next time. Make sure its warm before use.


💆🏾‍♀️Massage onto your scalp only so your roots are saturated. it TINGLES, that’s normal.

💰🎩A MAGIC TIP!!! flip your hair over so your kinda upside down and massage scalp for 5-7 mins. This is called the inversion method – I’ll explain why this is the path to hair growth success later.


🙃🙃⏳Flip your head back to normal – you can leave this overnight or wash out. I flip mine over while I wash my hair too. Inversion = Life.


⏰Do this every day for 1 week. You don’t need to use oil, you can do this on lean hair too but the oil helps speed up the growth process.


👨‍👩‍👧 I grew about 3-4inches in 2 weeks.

🔑 Measurements show ya! This is why my hair grows so fast

💎HAIRFINITY has been known to grow the hair by 2-3 inches within the first 2 months of using it. Why not check out our article on Hairfinity and length gained based on a true story.


🎃Please note: PUMPKIN OIL has been found to REVERSE balding.

Grow your hair fast and have box braids

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