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We are a family-owned business specialised in African American styles, Braids, crochet, dutch braids, locs and more. It was born out of a passion for the love of natural beauty. We work with all hair types at a very affordable rate. We want to create a service where you can be yourself, relaxed and in harmony, charged with positive mood and at the comfort of our home and your own home.
In sleek words, we will bring to you services like never before! Our fabulousness business offers affordable braiding services across Sydney and Brisbane. It’s now easy to book a hair appointment with us and buy your desired extensions at the same time. Imagine sitting on your couch and booking an appointment without moving a muscle – fantastic right?

About Cycy

I learned how to braid when I was seven in a small village in Central Africa; I developed so much love for braids and will always do my mum, sisters and friends hair.  By the time I relocated to the UK at age 9, I was helping my cousin in her little salon at the village. Today I am a PhD graduate with a distinction. As a PhD student, I needed time to focus on my degree and with a suggestion from my loving partner – Chris, we start up a braiding salon. With his IT skills, he developed a website and we started spreading the word.
Braid Salon is our baby, born and growing with love.  We started with Cycys African American Shop and decided to narrow our services to target the right clientele. We show our love wherever we go because we see the mercy of God on our family and daily lives. We are here to spread that in the form of beauty. No need to spend long hours looking for extensions and more hours booking hair appointments, we can do that for you. All you have to do is get in touch. We have made this site so easy to navigate, from selecting a date, to style, colour, and all.
Our dream is to bring everything to you at your convenience. Here at our beautiful and cosy home salon, you won’t only get all the braiding extensions you need at a cheaper rate  but you can book an appointment at the same time and our hairdressers will be on it :). Our hair care line is tailored for braids care and we provide you with a step by step guide on how to use these products to keep hair popping and healthy when you wear your braids. 
SYDNEY, book here
BRISBANE, book here
Love from us to you ❤️
Cycy & Chris