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Women enjoy wearing African box braids because these braids not only allow them to extend the length of their hair, but they can also wear different hairstyles with box braids.

Why not try these fun hairstyles

Although these styles look very exquisite, they are actually very easy to do. Box braids are also a wonderful way to protect your natural hair, and they are minimal maintenance. Clearly, the only women who should not wear African box braids are those who have brittle or weak hair – this can be fixed by the use of HAIRFINITY. However, if your hair is healthy and strong, do not hesitate to give your natural hair a break and embrace the versatility and beauty of these braids.

Different Hairstyles You Can Wear With Box Braids

There are several different styles you can wear with box braids, Buns, Ponytails, Twists, Braids

Firstly, Buns are one of the most popular African box braid hairstyles because it allows you to turn your braids into a very chic updo. The reason this style is so popular is primarily due to its variability. Buns can be high and bulky, or loose and compact.

A high ponytail can be decorated with a silk scarf or a hair flower to add instant style and class to your braids.

African Braids

Then, twists are another element that you can add when you want to add some creativity to your box braids. You can take your high ponytail and simply twist it towards the front of your head. Pin to secure and you have a new hairstyle with very little effort.

Chic Bun: As previously stated, bun hairstyles for box braids are popular because it is versatile. You do not have to worry about adding a sock to create a sock bun. Take the African box braids and twist them to create an elegant and trendy bun, and you can attend any event whether formal or casual. Add a splash of red lipstick to complete your look. Box braids provide the volume with your twisted buns, and you will definitely give off a vibe of royalty once you master this hairstyle.

Styling And Coloring Options

For those old enough to remember, box braids are a throwback to the 1990s. Fortunately, you do not have to stop there. Why not pay homage to one of the most famous science fiction princesses and channel Princess Leia with some side buns? This style will help show off your natural beauty, and you match this style with a t-shirt and jeans or a cute tube dress.

Now, for larger box braids. They can be transformed into twists and ponytails easily. If you want to really show the world you are a queen, create your own crown of braids. Begin at your left ear and bring the braids around the back of your head. You can then work along your hairline to secure the look.

So, you want to add a funky colour to your braids? You do not have to save that style for the next music festival. Take it to the streets. Simply choose the colour you want to add and tell your stylist that you want your braids to look more unkempt and undone. This can be accomplished by adding yarn to the synthetic braids.

box braids with colourWhat am I saying in effect? With summer fast approaching, more women are looking to give their natural hair a break. Hairstyles with box braids are the perfect way to express your individual style while also improving the health of your natural hair.

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