Please Take Special Notice

Please, be advised that the styles in magazines, Instagram , Facebook, Pinterest or seen on other patrons may vary based on each person; therefore, we do NOT GUARANTY that our designs will look exactly like those in magazines or on other customers. But we can GuarantEE you will leave our shop/ HOME a happy and beautiful person.African Hair Braiding, Brisbane

Refund Policy


Deposits are totally non-refundable – however, we may accept waiving your deposit to a later date

This APPLIES TO ALL BOOKINGS (If you let us know AT LEAST 48 hours before your appointment time). And this change cannot be over a week from the date of your originally booked. Remember, if you want another date over a week from the date you already booked we cannot help you and we won’t provide you with a refund. You will have to book another appointment and pay a deposit. In an exceptional case, we will provide you with a $10 refund from the $30 originally paid.

If you book, you can’t go changing your time. We will allow one change. Check our locations before you book. if you book and choose to cancel because we are far to travel to, we will hold $5 for the time we spend attending to you.

So read every page of our website – This change must be made within 15mins of booking so we must be notified within that time or you won’t get a refund.

-African Hair Braiding Brisbane



We braid hair 5-6 inches (for straight or caucasian/Asian hair), 4 inches for afro hair and above (meaning your hair should be at least 5-6 inches long or 4 inches long for afro hair), if you have a straight cut and the back is short, we advise it should be at least 5-6 inches long and NOT less.

If you book and come in and insist we braid it (like most of you do), we will not be responsible for fall out of your braids. Please don’t come to us with hair shorter than 5 inches and then come back to us claiming they are falling out!

Disclaimers are here for a reason and we run a business, not a shelter.


For Styles expected to last 1 – 4 weeks (examples: Cornrows, Goddess Braids)

  • Absolutely no refund

Styles expected to last 6 – 8 weeks (example: Box Braids,Knotless Braids,  Braids, Goddess Briads, Senegalese Twists etc)

  • 1st week: we will repair at no charge
  • 2nd-3rd: we will repair at a moderate cost paid to us by you, depending on what is needed.
  • 4th week and beyond: you will be charged the full price.

The customer has the right at any time to view the quality of our service. Please, ask for a mirror to view the front and back and request any changes before leaving the shop.


SATURDAYS APPOINTMENTS: If you are looking to book an appointment for SATURDAY, we take 8:00 am and 1:30 pm. We charge a weekend surcharge of $50 which can be found in the “ADD-ON” Section in the booking calendar. You can email us first with the Saturday you whoch to book and we will let you know what time is available. Sundays can also be booked on a surcharge basis. We only take bookings for 1:30 pm after 8:00am has been booked. If the morning appointment is not booked, please booked that one as we will not take your 1:30 pm otherwise.


African Hair Braiding Brisbane

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have or perform any changes at your request. African Braids Brisbane

Be advised your hair (scalp) may be sore from braids or cornrows for the first 3 days or 72 hours after it has been done. We recommend not styling your hair for this time after getting it done. If pain persists, we advise you to wear a warm wet towel over your braids for the heat to relax your braids and scalp. Another is to use essential oils such as peppermint, coconut or castor oil to massage your scalp for relief. We are not responsible for these effects, if you feel your braids are tight while we do them, please inform us as refund policy come into place as soon as you step out of the salon/home, we are not responsible.


This video may help : but we do not claim responsibility for this. this is just to help you. African Hair Braiding Brisbane, Sydney, GC and Mleboune uploaded this video to help our clients.

Once you leave the shop, our refund policy takes effect

Customers with Discounts

  • All discounts must be presented to the stylist before the cost is determined.
  • Discounts are only available on regular prices not on already discounted prices.
  • Only one discount per customer per visit will be accepted.
  • We will not accept any discounts once we start braiding your hair.

Any prices must be verified and accepted between the stylist and customer before the stylist starts working on the hair – African Hair Braiding, Brisbane. Box Braids Brisbane –African Braids Brisbane Hair Extension – Disclaimer

General Policy

  • For security reasons, we do not accept any payments outside the shop/home.
  • We immediately call Authority (Police) for any Counterfeit bills.
  • Deposit paid is NON-REFUNDABLE !!! African Braids Brisbane


People have different reactions to ‘fake’ hair (extensions) used. African American most often than don’t encounter any problem or scalp reaction from braids. We use natural wax gel for all our braids, which do does not have any chemicals. If you do not want this gel used on your hair please tell us before we start your hair.

If this is your first time getting braids or any African originated hair style for that matter, please note we will NOT be responsible for any reactions. This ties up with, telling us in the salon or at home while your hair is being done because we do not accept refunds after this.

If you choose to take out your hair early for whatever reason, we are not responsible for that and charge a regular removal fee.

– African Hair Braiding Brisbane, Sydney,GC & Melbourne  .

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Box Braids Brisbane -African Braids Brisbane Hair Extension – Disclaimer

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