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Cornrow hair braiding Brisbane & Sydney , Box braids Brisbane

Cornrows or braids consist of the hair being braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous raised row. Cornrows are an ancient traditional African hairstyle worn by both men & women most commonly created in simple straight lines but they can also be formed in detailed geometric or curved.  We specialise in Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast.

Our expert hair styling team also specialise in the following African Hair braiding styles(in these locations Brisbane, Sydney Gold Coast & Melbourne):
including African braids, box braids, cornrows or corn-braids, curly braids, Bohemian braids, single braids and twist braid hairstyles etc

When you think of peak 90s hip-hop, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it definitely has to be the cornrows that came in a myriad of patterns and styles.

Cornrows have been around for many years now and are one of the most popular protective styles sported by African women. From braided to twisted, thick to thin, and in a variety of colours, there is no dearth of creativity or options when it comes to styling your cornrows. But with that many options comes the worst possible drawback – confusion over what to actually pick! Well, today is your lucky day! We’ve compiled our top 31 ideas for styling your cornrows.

1. Feed-in Beaded Braids


Image: Instagram

Let’s kick off this list with a bang with this gorgeously embellished cornrows style. The highlight of this hair look is the singular cornrow that runs down the center of the model’s head, from which shoot out all the cornrows from the sides. Hair extensions have been fed into the cornrows and embellished with beads in a variety of shapes and colours to make this a look fit for a princess. Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast

2. Candy Floss Cornrows

Image: Instagram

Look like a sugar pop princess with this bright pink hair look that is sure to make heads turn. This cornrow style makes use of candy floss pink and black box braid extensions being inserted into them (known as crochet braiding). It leaves one side of your head with lesser box braids to keep the cornrows there exposed and create a contrasted look.


3. Combined Cornrows Dutch Braids

Image: Instagram

Create a high fashion statement by braiding your hair from the center towards your ears in a jagged cornrow pattern. Now, here’s the fun part – Dutch braid some hair extensions on either side of your head along with the tails of all your cornrows. You now have a hair look that gives an edgy twist to the innocent schoolgirl pigtails style.

4. Cornrows Mohawk

Image: Instagram
No one will dare mess with you when they see you sporting this kickass cornrows Mohawk look. The cornrows have been done up in a trippy curved pattern and gathered in the center of the head, where extensions have been attached and moulded to create a Mohawk. Unleash your badass side to the world with this edgy and cool look.

5. Swirly Cornrows Afro


Image: Instagram

Why choose between cornrows and an afro when you can sport both? Get the best of both styles with this swirly whirly cornrows pattern that is flirty, feminine, and so cute to look at. Crochet braid some short brown Marley hair at the back to create a gorgeous little afro and finish off the look.

6. Floral Half Cornrows


Image: Instagram

Whoever said that you can’t sport a protective style on your wedding day was so wrong! The stunning bride pictured above has gone for two simple diagonal cornrows on either side of her head and left her natural hair loose at the back to create a unique half up/half down look. To complete the floral queen vibe of the look, red carnations have been used to adorn the crown of her head.

7. Mixed Cornrows Mohawk


Image: Instagram

Girl, now this is a look that will get all the boys knocking at your door. Start with some cornrows in various sizes that start from your ears and curve up towards the center of your head. Add in some extensions to the tails of your cornrows and create a slay-worthy braided Mohawk.

8. Subtle Frontal Cornrows With A High Ponytail


Image: Instagram

When it comes to cornrows styles, you could go as full-on or as subtle as you want. This subtle braided style involves cornrowing your hair right at the front and tying your natural hair into a voluminous high ponytail to up the dramatic factor of your edgy look.

9. Pulled Back Half Cornrows


Image: Instagram

So you want to have your hair out of your face and still highlight the natural beauty of your hair, huh? Try out this half done cornrows style that makes use of vertical cornrows going from front to back and leaves your natural hair loose at the back. Functional and fabulous is how I’d describe this beautiful style.


10. Cornrows Ponytail And Bun Combo


Image: Instagram

Wowza! Now here’s a style that has a lot going on in it. First up, the neat horizontal cornrows create a symmetrical pattern that has a mesmerizing effect. The style then incorporates crochet braiding Marley twists to create a dual ponytail and high bun look that is the very definition of ‘cool’.

11. Twisted Cornrows Floral Updo


Image: Instagram

When it comes to bridal hairdos, you gotta keep it as pretty as possible. This mixed cornrows/afro updo is a perfect example of that. Instead of the traditional braids, these cornrows at the back have been done up in a twisted style to create an intricate look. The hair on top has been left naturally styled in an afro and accessorized with pink roses and baby’s breath to add an ethereal feel to the hairdo.


12. Celtic Knot Cornrows Headband


Image: Instagram

Headed to a holiday party? Or maybe a friend’s wedding? These cornrows have been done up in a Celtic knot style that is sure to grab the attention of everyone in attendance. Four cornrows wind together in an intricate Celtic knot design and continue into braids that form a gorgeous headband. The rest of the hair is left loose to add a soft and feminine touch.

13. Cornrow Accented Bun


Image: Instagram

Create a beautifully contrasting style with this alternating thick and thin cornrows pattern that continues into braids and ties up into a top bun. Accent the thinner cornrows by dusting some silver glitter on them to complete your translation into an adorable little pixie.

Feed-In Braids Ponytail


Image: Instagram

If you define your style as quirky and “out there”, here’s a style that may pique your interest. While thin cornrows that contain most of the natural hair have been done up in a horizontal manner, the fed-in braids go from the front to the back. The think ginger braids have then been tied up into a high ponytail to create a look that is especially suitable for an athlete.

15. Ivory Cornrow Braids


Image: Instagram

Hop onto the white hair bandwagon with this side parted cornrows style that is nothing if not insanely awesome. With its off-center parting and combination of thick and thin cornrows, there is nothing that can stop you from being at the top of the style game. And don’t worry, you don’t really need to bleach your hair white to sport this look. All you need are white hair extensions and you’re good to go!


16. Midnight Blue Ghana Cornrows


Image: Instagram

Show your love for the enchanting night sky with this gorgeous midnight blue hair look. These Ghana braids have been added to the simple straight back cornrows in a twisted manner on the top. They then descend into beautiful long braids to create a stunning hair look. Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast


17. Cutesy Cornrow Double Buns


Image: Instagram

You don’t have to leave your pigtail days behind now that you’re all grown up. Here’s a cute way that you can sport them along with your dreadlocks. This super adorable look makes use of only four twisted dreadlocks that are combined into two buns at the back. And the best part is that you can do these all by yourself because they’re that simple!. Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast


18. Magenta Straight Backs


Image: Instagram

Bring a little bit of whimsy into your look with the help of these bright magenta hair extensions added into your cornrows. The thin straight back cornrows are easy to manage and add oodles of fun and flirtation to your look. Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast

19. Barbie Pink Dutch Braid Cornrows


Image: Instagram

Your cornrows don’t always have to be super thin and intricate. If you’re like me and are too impatient to cornrow all your hair or get them done, these Dutch braids cornrows are easy to do and look super chic. Combine some Barbie pink extensions with your natural hair while braiding to make your style feminine, yet badass. Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast


20. Bright Red Cornrows Bob


Image: Instagram

All you ladies with medium length hair out there, listen up! Mix up your style with a bit of bright color and a unique hair look. Go for a vivacious crimson shade and do up your hair in some straight back cornrows to create a short bob and set your style quotient on fire. Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast

21. Blue And Purple Bodacious Cornrows


Image: Instagram

Here’s another cornrows style that you can do yourself easily. These bodacious cornrows in shades of electric blue and deep purple will make everyone around you turn green with envy. All you need to have are some good Dutch braiding skills and you are good to go!


22. Dual White Cornrows


Image: Instagram

Black and white is a colour combination that is eternally stylish and can never go out of fashion. This interesting take on cornrows involves just two twisted cornrows, done with white extensions, going diagonally backwards and ending in braids. The crazy contrast created by the black and white is enough to bring anyone to their knees.


23. Cornrows Top Bun


Image: Instagram

Now here’s a style fit for ballerinas and athletes. These cornrows that start from the hairline and go towards the crown are done specifically to be tied into a top bun that looks effortless and chic. Insert some silver beads to bling up your cornrows and you’re good to go! Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast

24. Blonde Straight Backs


Image: Instagram

Blonde is one of those hair colours in which any hairstyle stands out beautifully. Take these simple straight back cornrows, for example. The cornrows look prominent and insanely gorgeous in this light colour. And if you’re a natural blonde, you don’t even need to go through the effort of colouring it! Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast

25. Hourglass Cornrows


Image: Instagram

The pattern of these cornrows fits their moniker. Why go for simple straight back when you can go crazy with their pattern? These alternating thick and thin cornrows curve in and out to form a mesmerizing hourglass shaped pattern that is mind-blowing and beautiful.

26. Cornrows Braided Pony


Image: Instagram

Awaken the kid within you with this braided pony style that you probably sported in your school days. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look hella stylish sporting it now! These straight back cornrows are attached with box braids at the crown and braided into a high pony braid to create a magnificent hairstyle.

27. Combined Cornrows


Image: Instagram

Be crazy, be awesome, be you with this simple blonde cornrows style. Six straight backs combine to create two cute braids at the back and make a super chic style. All you need to do is put on your most colorful outfit and you’ll be spreading sunshine everywhere!

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28. Baby Pink Accented Cornrows


Image: Instagram

Show off your feminine and flirty style with these adorably colored cornrows. Go get yourself some cute baby pink extensions and braid them into your cornrows. Add some silver beads to add some sparkle to your hair and voila! Your adorable style is ready for you to flaunt!

29. Lilac And Blonde Straight Backs Braid


Image: Instagram

Once Khloe Kardashian embraces a style, you know she’s going to put her own spin on it and absolutely slay it. Here, she has added lilac extensions to her blonde hair and gone for some simple straight backs. The highlight of this style though is the way she has combined the tails of all her cornrows into a single braid at the back. Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast

30. Ginger Cornrows Double Bouffant


Image: Instagram

If you’re a Janelle Monae fan, check out this style inspired by her signature look. Micro cornrows are braided from the back to the front and extensions have been added to create two bouffants – one right above the forehead and the other behind it. Throw on a pair of high heels and some diamond earrings and be the diva that you were meant to be. Note we do Box braids Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast

31. Caramel Strawberry Cornrows


Image: Shutterstock

What do you get when you combine colourful hair extensions with cornrows? A stunning hair look, of course! This gorgeous cornrows style has been done up with caramel, pink, and white extensions to create a beautiful fusion of colours. The big bun at the back adds a cute bohemian element to the whole look.

Now that we’ve covered every possible styling option, what are you waiting for? Go crazy with your cornrows and let us know which style stole your heart. Comment below to keep us in the loop as well!

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