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Your Questions – Our Answers

At the Braiding Shop we want our clients to know about their hair. If you have any questions you’d like answered about your authentic African hair style we would be happy to post your question and an answer on this page along with contacting you directly. You can Contact Us by phone or email but first, READ BELOW ❤️

CONGRATULATIONS!!  We recommend KNOTLESS braids for first-timers and for all hair types for these reasons:

Knotless braids are

  • Lightweight
  • More natural look
  • Painless
  • The fast braiding

Any length will be perfect!!

If you want a fuller look and the best outcome, the Xtra small (Zoe Kravitz braids) are the best. They have a more natural look and can last the longest (up to 3 and a half months) is well taken care of.

We only offer a few Ombre colours. Due to COVID, we have suppliers limiting their stocks. At the moment the ombre we offer are displayed the booking section. If a  colour does not show up, we do not offer that. Please try to respect the fact that we try to source out colours our customers but we prefer to limit these to those colours we know we can find in store.

We are located in

Sydney : Rockdale (Wednesdays only), Our May Hills Branch is closed as braider is on mat leave. NO MOBILE SERVICES

In Brisbane (Gordon Parade,Manly). NO MOBILE SERVICES

We are NOT mobile in Brisbane. If you are on the Gold Coast you can come to our Brisbane location. We are not taking appointments for Melbourne right now.


NOTE: We will only provide you with our full address after you book. Because we are own home salons, we do not display our address to avoid walk-ins without appointments and for our own security. 

NO we do not provide these services at the moment

We are working on that for the future.

See instagram @braid_salon here

We have pictures to guide you here.

Our Instagram is a better place to see more of our work and each picture has a description of styles. The hightlgith section on our instagram is packed with amazing examples to help you decide. See instagram @braid_salon here

We do have a few pregnant wome n come to us because they want to save time after they give birth to their little one.

We advice you do your research before getting braids installed. During pregnancy, your hormones are all over the place and this may include reacting to synthetic hair. We can not and do not have control over these.

However, our hairdressers provide for FREE premium hair (Ez Braid Hair) which is:

  • Made with 99% Antibacterial Fiber “SPECTRA”
  • Ultra-Light
  • Soft & Wearable
  • Itch Free

Please note, this is our way of helping with the situation. This hair does not have reaction on 99% of our clients and cost the hairdresser more than regular extentions. Please let us know if you are pregnant.

This is our way of saying thank you for using our services.


You pay for all other services for now

YES we do

Please apply for afterpay credit, head to our website for BRISBANE, book an appointment, pay a deposit $50 (we recently increased it to $50 from $30)and then write in the message box “Afterpay”. You will pay the difference when you get to your appointment.  Remember this is NOT refundable. Read our disclaimer section

If you are looking to book an appointment for SATURDAY, we take 8:0am ONLY. We have a surcharge of $90  FOR ALL BOOKINGS. Please select option in ADD-ON section when you make your booking. Please NOTE, we will get back to you if stated  Saturday is available.

We do not do after hours on weekdays, unfortunately.

YASSSS!!! The cost of the extension is included in the prices displayed for Box braids, twist and cornrows unless otherwise. She colours are more expensive and only comes in premium so we have added some cost on them. All costs are displayed when booking.  We provide the best quality. If you have your own extension or will; love to provide, please let us know so we can apply it to your braiding cost. We only use Pre-stretched professional; extension or Ultra darling Xpression or Xpression.

Other styles like weaves, crochets and a few more, you will need to provide your own extensions.

If this changes you will be the first to know.



HAIR THAT IS NOT BLOW DRIED WILL NOT BE TOUCHED. If your hair is longer than 20-22 inches long, we charge extra.  WE DO NOT BRAID VERY LONG HAIR UNLESS YOU ALREADY INFORMED US BEFORE HAND! Please make sure you attach a clear picture of your hair when booking to help us make the process easier


Cornrows:  with extensions are 30 mins to 3 hours depending on design and layers.

Individuals braids with human or synthetic extensions would take between 3 and 7 hours, and is typically the same for styles like the kinky and Nubian twist.

Senegalese Twist , Braids and Box Braids may take between 3 to 7 hours to instal.


  • Size of your head
  • size of braids
  • Length of braids
  • Style etc

Xtra small braids can take up to 10 hours.


We prefer all our clients book on our websie so we can get enough information before their appointment.

It is always easier and faster to book online and pay before someone else does.

YES you can book Saturdays at a little fees.  However, you will be required to inform us ahead of time so we can organise with the hairdresser. For now we are not available to take appointments after 5 PM due to the time it takes to braid.

Please send us an email @

Cornrows with extensions added should last up to 4 weeks. For Individuals braids, weaves and twist with extension, we advise that you keep it in for 8 weeks but no more than 13 weeks. Leaving braids or twist in beyond the prescribed time can lead to your hair locking and hair loss.

Cornrows with or without extensions added should take up to 30 mins – 3 hours to do.

Individuals braids, weaves and twist with extension, it can take up to 3 hours – 6 hours  or  7 hours depending on the length and size you are after. We always advise all clients to allow 8 hours in order not to rush out hairdressers.

Zoe Kravitz or extra small braids can take longer than7 hours.

We add estimated times when confirming your appointment.

The transition from perm to natural hair may take between 6 and 12 months. During that time it is best that the hair shaft is stable and a minimization of the regular grooming, since regular grooming during the transitional period could lead to hair breakage. We believe that the hair shaft is best stabilized in braids or twist during the transition.

For Caucasian hair (silky hair)  your hair needs to be at least 6 inches and longer for braids and 10 inches and longer for cornrows, We do not accept straight cut hair. Please make sure your hair does not have sharp ends as it will stick out when we braid. Feather ends are best but if you have doubts, do ask us, please.

For African hair (afro or relaxed) when stretched at least 5 inches for braids and 6 inches for cornrows.


***These length for all hair types and must be all over your hair unless you have an undercut.

Curly/mixed race/ caucasian curly etc when stretched at least 5 inches for braids and 6 inches for cornrows.

We advise that you minimize the number of times that you shampoo while have braids, weaves or twisted extensions in the hair. There are several products on the market that will enable you to do a dry shampoo in between a regular shampoo. We suggest that you do a full shampoo with a stocking cap covering the braids or twist every 4 weeks.

Please read our ‘Blog’ section for ways to wash your hair with braids in.

No, they don’t. Improper installation can cause damage and improper maintenance can as well. There are a lot of factors involved and if Box braid hairstyles are done properly they do not damage the hair. It depends a lot on the professional who braids your hair. If they are installed too tight, it will cause damage to both your hair and your scalp. If your hair is already thinning and breaking, braiding can cause more damage. Box braids hairstyles are supposed to be hassle-free but if the braids are too long or too heavy, it can be bad for your hair and scalp.

The condition of  your hair can have an impact on the results. Box braids are not recommended for dry, brittle and shedding hair. You need to reverse the damage first. Deep conditioning, trimming and oil treatments for a few weeks will yield good results. Make sure your hair is healthy and strong before you go for box braid hairstyles, otherwise you can end up doing more damage.


We have recently started a hair care line for all hair types to target hair issue like thin, brittled, shedding hair. Our customers have provided us with amazing feedbacks.

All local jewellery stores usually carry hair jewels. You can get silver and gold clamps at an affordable price and they last a long time if you take good care of them. Just store them in a safe place after you have used them. We provide these at no extra cost, just remember to remind us ahead of your booking so we can get them ready.

You can figure this out easily depending on the length of your hair. For long hair, you need at least 10 to 12 packs (ask the sellers if bought online) or maybe more. For Xpression hair, 3-5 packets are enough. Medium hair requires around 4 packs and short hair will need 2-4 packs. Also, take into account the length you want for your braids. Longer box braid hairstyles will mean more packs.

We provide extensions for our hair braiding services at a lower rate compared to if purchased separately. Tell us about your colour!

YES, you can. You can choose up to 3-4 colours for rainbow braids

However, for other braids, we charge an extra $90 for rainbow for the 4 coulours you want. Colours must be the ones we have listed on our site.

Not at the moment. We will let everyone know when our mobile service is back.

NO! We do not sell hair extensions. The extensions we have are bought for clients who have booked appointments with us ONLY. Please search online for hair shops and suppliers.

This is a hard one because we are not medical advisers. Please do your research.

We however provide Ez Braids Hair, which is PREMIUM HAIR and has

  • Made with 99% Antibacterial Fiber “SPECTRA”
  • Ultra-Light
  • Soft & Wearable
  • Itch Free

We can also deep your hair in Apple Cidar Vinegar to wash out the Alkaline which is a primary reason synthetic hair itches. We have no control over alkaline because we do not manufacture hair, but wer try to control itches. ONLY 1 % of clients react to alkaline.

Braids will generally itch but itches caused by alkaline is different.

AGAIN!!! please do your research!!

Read out blog section for an article on this.

We braid with Synthetic hair.

Some of  our braids like the goddess knotless braids has human hair at the end.

We provide the hair for braids at no extra cost, for human hair at the ends, we have the cost already inclusive.

We are taking bookings and following safety procedures.

Please go ahead and book.

See instagram @braid_salon here

For BRISBANE please email us on

For SYDNEY please email us on



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