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#5. Box Braids aka Poetic Justice Braids
box braids aka poetic justice braids

Those who believed box braids were never going to come back, shame on you for not having faith. Remember, Janet Jackson on the movie ‘Poetic Justice?’ Well, the long braids she had on are box braids re-branded poetic justice braids. Fast forward to 2015 from the ’90s, box braids are back. They are simply three-strand twists braided together. My recommendation is to for smaller box braids, not the big ones…my preference. Get inspired by checking these cool crochet braids hairstyles here.

TUTORIAL: How to Install Box Braids for Beginners

Video Credit: teeday6

#6. Nubian Twists

nubian twists hairstyles

Nubian twists look natural and gorgeous, especially when rocking them short. You can even add a little highlight to the extensions for some flavour. They’re flexible and best worn during the summer as a protective style to keep the heat off your neck.

TUTORIAL: How to do Nubian Twists for Beginners

Video Credit: Ninisis Locs

#7. Micro Braids / Tree Braids

micro tree braids tutorial

If you want to do micro and tree braids yourself you will need to dedicate a lot of time and have pretty of it to kill. Micro means super small and take a look at the branches of a tree and you’ll find out how your tree braids will look. They both are super tiny braids. These types of braids are braided near the root. I would recommend you visit a specialized braids stylist and ask for tree braids instead of micro. But if you have time to keep and brave enough to try them, below is a video tutorial for beginners.

TUTORIAL: Micro / Tree Braids for Beginners

Video Credit: Lucilious37

Well, I hope your hair fanatics have learned the difference between these different types of braids styles but also which style will be the next one you rock for the summer.  I believe it’s all about experimentation and seeing what fits you best.  So with all the endless African braiding styles that are out there, I know you will find a winner or two from our listed types of braids!

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